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V-immersion Cooling is a company based in the united Arab emirates specialize in creating and manufacturing a Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling for several applications like asic mining devices, data centers. We provide an open and closed tank, full cooling systems.

Our Goal

Provide systems that can cool applications and be environmentally friendly, cost efficient, increase applications life and increase profits.

Our Quality Policy

Ensuring product quality is the cornerstone of everything we do, we believe that this quality comes hand in hand with the internal procedures which we have in place. We are continuously investing in product certification, manufacturing techniques and in our quality system.

Manufacturing Facility

To meet our customer’s demand with regards to quality and service, we works with the best manufactures in UAE for Dry coolers and dielectric liquids


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Supports all Crypto Mining Hardware Cooling

Most that started crypto-mining endeavour know that cryptocurrency mining is getting harder. Rising difficulty, huge power consumption, very loud noise, massive amount of heat, large footprint of spaced out devices, dust, vibration and humidity, regular maintenance of fouled miners, no possible way to overclock already hot devices, low reliability and frequent repairs. All that means downtime and makes crypto mining inefficient and painful. Some know about advantages of liquid cooing, but believe that sophisticated installation with costly.

  • More performance. Less to pay.
  • Less repairs, less maintenance.
  • Silent, low profile mining.
  • Safety Guaranteed

We know that every cooling system must guarantee reliability and safety for costly computing infrastructure. We saw large area for improvement in existing solutions and decided to design something better. Our systems are crafted carefully to deliver ultimate density, energy efficiency & sustainability without painful customisation. We serve customers complete, 100% safe, open, well-thought portfolio of direct chip and immersion liquid cooling.

We provide open and closed INCLOSERS for all different type of miners like

  • Whatsminer M20/M30/M31
  • Whatsminer M21s
  • Antminer S17+ / S17e / T17+
  • Antminer Z9 / Z11 / Z15
  • Antminer S19 / S19PRO / T19
  • Innosilicon A10 PRO / A9 / A6
  • Innosilicon A10 (500M)
  • Antminer S9SE / S9K
  • Antminer S9I / S9J
  • Hummer H1 Miner
  • Antminer K5 CKB Eaglesong
  • GPU rigs


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