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Cool your System in the Right way

Supports all Crypto Mining Hardware Cooling

V-Immersion enclosure. Our enclosers are easy to use build with strong light materials which protract the miners. Comes is different size and shapes specific to the costumes requirement. It can accommodates different type of Asic miners, GPU RIGS. Comes ready with quick connects fitting and protective coating.

Dielectric clear fluid ITM 2202


  • We provide high qualities continues pumps with adjustable flow rates that’s suites all our immersions systems
  • Self-priming Viscomat oil transfer pump
  • Smooth flow & high suction capacity
  • Sintered steel rotor & acetal resin vanes
  • Adjustable bypass valve & Viton lip seal
  • Flow rate: 25ltr per min
  • Viscosity up to 500 cSt
  • Maximum fluid temperature of 90ºc
  • SContinuous running
  • 1” F BSP inlet/outlet
  • Protection grade: IP55
  • Available in 230v/110v/400v


  • Dry coolers

    Custom size dry coolers with cooling capacity range from 20 kw to 400 kw. Come in different shaps from single fan dry cooler to V-SHAPE. Manufacture by Dolphin Radiators & Cooling Systems LTD to our requirement

  • We use the best fan available in the industry to insure we get the most air flow and efficient. Custom sizes depends on the dry cooler size

  • We provide a great filters that will keep your liquid always clean and in great conditions

  • Heavy duty pipes works with high temps.

  • Monitor your miners temperature wirelessly ((-100 C to +400 C) ( 148 F to +752 F )).

  • Heavy duty customs racks for mining machines enclosers.


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